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Welcome to Urban Grounds Coffee Co! We are a small family run coffee company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. From the inception of our coffee company giving back to the communities that support us has been a pillar of our brand. We strive to bring you the easiest and stress-free fundraising opportunity available. With over 62% of all Americans over the age of 18 drinking at least one cup of coffee a day this fundraiser is easier to sell than cookie dough, bread, or magazines. So give your audience what they and make the best part of waking up.....supporting your organization!

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Offering 2 of our signature roasts


'Emu Brew' is our most popular coffee offering originating from the Huatusco region of Mexico. These coffee beans are harvested at the optimal time and roasted with a honey process. After roasting these coffee beans, they contain flavor notes of caramelized sugar, dark cherry, and of course, sweet chocolate. It's remarkable light roast coffee that everyone can enjoy.


Our 'Hog Roast' coffee beans originate in the lush farm fields of Central America. Once ready for harvest, they are carefully hand picked by growers and shipped to our local roastery in Phoenix, AZ. After the roasting process, these coffee beans contain flavor notes of being sweet, smooth, bold with hints of dark chocolate. Its an exceptional coffee for connoisseurs that enjoy rich, full flavor.


Our set up is quick and easy. We print all Materials and send them free of charge.  


Your group collects orders and payments. You agregate totals and place the order.


Your order is delivered via Fedex and ready for your group to deliver.

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